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Novatex Product Sdn Bhd offers wide range of rubber latex sheeting and products includes dental dam, prophylactic dam, latex sheets, exercise band, resistive training bands, floss band etc. in various colours and scents.

Our products are vegan friendly which do not contain any additives of animal origin.

Dental dams and prophylactic dams are classified as medical devices. 

Novatex Product Sdn Bhd has been accredited with ISO13485:2016 and ISO9001:2015 certificates. 

All our products are tested in house in accordance to the ISO requirements. Products are usually tested for dimension and visual inspection, additional tests are pin holes, tensile strength and tear resistance, package integrity etc. Only batch of products that have passed the tests and meeting the required Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) are packed. 

Novated Product Sdn Bhd QA will issue a Certificate of Analysis for every delivery, stating the test results of in house pre-shipment test.

We do not set minimum order quantity of the products. However, due to the cost effectiveness, we suggest you to contact our sales/marketing team for details of price arrangement to specific product.

We required a minimum lead time of 30 – 60 days for lead time on the regular products basis.

Different type of products will be packed in accordance to their user-friendly packaging. They can be individually packed or multiple pieces packed. Please refer to our packaging options available on our webpage.

Yes, we supply mostly OEM products to our customers. Client may select the preferred product type, size, color, scent and method of packing with own packaging design and labelling.

In the effort to expend our business plan, we continuously look for suitable distribution partners. Please contact us with detailed information regarding your company details and business plan.  

Besides being as effective as more expensive equipment, resistance bands can provide variety of excellent workout; it is space-saving, travel-friendly and effective for all fitness levels.

Our resistance loop bands are color-coded according to tension level, categorize in light, medium, heavy, very heavy. It’s best to have 1 each since different muscle groups will require different levels of resistance.